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Chaos Theory

There is a branch of Physics called ‘Non linear Dynamics’ that studies systems governed by equations more complex than the linear – not random, just

In or Out?

Curiosity Punctuality Integrity Authenticity Open Mindedness Persistence Solution Mindset Appetite to Experiment Ability to Plan Generosity of Spirit How I think of myself? Qualities I


As we age, our willingness or ability to embrace Change reduces significantly. We seem to get more set in our ways, and believe that we

Feed Back

Come appraisal time each year, organizations of all shapes and sizes struggle to reconcile rewards / recognition / merit pay with past performance / future


A conversation between two characters in an episode of “Blue Bloods” made me think: Some folks are great at being a Fixer (problem solver) Others


A home that does not need an aggressive dose of cleaning-up before the guests arrive Not just friends that are like family, but family that

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