Do You Like Mondays?

“Do you like Mondays?”

We had just finished a sumptuous lunch in celebration of my son’s birthday, and were walking out of the restaurant, when my daughter realized that I won’t be returning home with them.

“Do you like Mondays?”, she wanted to know.

“I love Mondays!”, I replied, almost instantly, and could see the look of skepticism on her face.

I know that “Monday” is not just another day of the week – it represents so much more. So, let me clarify…

On most occasions, I love Mondays, because I am raring to get back to work, especially after a well-spent weekend. And, I also love weekends, as they allow me the opportunity to recharge and recover.

Of course, it hasn’t always been like this. There have been toxic work environments, terrible bosses, demanding organizations and various other factors, all leading to: Work (and commute) hard from Mon-Fri, complete all the pending home errands on Sat, drop-dead and recuperate on Sun, and finally, deal with the dreaded thought of going back to the office next Monday morning.

In my case, I am fortunate that those periods have been few and far between. And thankfully, my current work as an Independent Consultant, allows me even greater flexibility in how I spend my time, plus the rare privilege of choosing the kind of work I actually look forward to doing – every Monday morning.

My news feeds remind me that today is ‘Boss Day’, so on this happy occasion, let me ask you…

When is the last time you looked forward to getting back to work? Do you spend your days doing work you truly enjoy? If not, what’s in the way? And, most importantly, what do you plan to do about it?

In other words, “Do you like Mondays?!”