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Difficult Choices

We’ve heard it hundreds of times – Life is all about choices. But I wonder how many of us fully understand that axiom with all its implications.

The truth is that many of us spend most of our waking hours in places we don’t want to be, doing things we don’t want to do.

“Who you are in the richest sense of the word – your character, your spirit, what you do with your life – is determined by what you choose.”

Kevin Kelly

Engaging in work that is not our calling, taking that promotion knowing the cost it entails, buying that fancy house by signing-up for an additional 10-year mortgage – these are the tradeoffs we often need to make in Life. But when faced with difficult choices, it is easier to tell ourselves we didn’t really have a choice.

And before we know it, our motivation is being driven by all the things we don’t have, we find ourselves chasing likes and followers on social media, we can no longer afford to say what we mean (or mean what we say), and our days are filled-up with commitments and obligations to others.

“When faced with the choice between engaging with reality or engaging with the world of wealth and power, choose life, whatever the apparent costs may be.”

George Monbiot

Should you prioritize a career or a family? Should you live for today or plan for the future? Should you play to your strengths or risk something new and unfamiliar? What if you follow your passion and fail? What if it makes you unpopular?!

There may be no easy answers to any of these questions. But the reward is well worth the effort it takes to figure it out.

Success always comes with a price. Many a times, that price is freedom. Freedom to think our own thoughts. Freedom to do what we really want to do. Freedom to live the life we truly want to live.

Here’s hoping we can find the courage and clarity needed to choose the tradeoffs that matter most…

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