GreyMatter, Personal

Being Human

Good, Bad and Ugly

What humans are (typically) bad at:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Understanding Data and Statistics
  3. Root Cause Analysis / Ability to analyze complex information
  4. Giving constructive feedback or unbiased advice to others
  5. Being aware of Cognitive Biases (in themselves and in others)

Most folks think they are really good at points 1-4 above, though!

What humans are usually good at:

  1. Resisting change
  2. Staying inside their comfort zone
  3. Making quick judgments / impulsive decisions
  4. Sticking to their perceptions and beliefs, despite evidences to the contrary
  5. Understanding exponential numbers and the impact of compounding


Not Every One

Not every one is ambitious or “growth-minded”.
Not every one wants to strive for excellence, or perfection – whatever that may be.
Not every one aspires for bigger/better/faster/more…
Some folks are content, just the way they are.

Who Am I?

An episode of ‘Through the Wormhole‘ poses some intriguing questions…

What makes me, me?
Is it my memories? Or the values I hold dear? Or the decisions I take?
Over time, our memory can diminish, our value system can evolve, and we can change/grow?
Does that make me different from the old “me”?

Who am I, really?