GreyMatter, Personal

Time and Tide


You can get a lot more of it done, if you choose to do it when the time is right.

Time of day / Day of week / Time of year (season) / Life stage… can all make a huge difference.

Bad timing can make it harder than it ought to be.
Great timing can make it easier than we can possibly imagine.

So, choose your time wisely.

Slow Down or Speed Up

Wise men have said: Life is short – carpe diem.

Other wise men have said: Slow down, take the time to smell the roses.

Do we have enough time to do what matters?
Or not enough time to do all we want?

Is the question moot because the “here and now” is all that really counts?

Carpe Diem

Much of what we do in Life started off as an accident, an experiment.
All of what we do, was once something we tried for the first time!

Time is a function of interest. So is Energy.
Every day/week/month should have a balance of rest & recreation, work & play, learning & chilling.

Every once in a while, it’s important to go outside your comfort zone – way outside. When trying a new thing, you can really accelerate your learnings by immersing yourself fully in the experience – not just dipping your toes.

Every one gets the same 24 hours each day, but what we do with it can make all the difference…