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As someone who manages a team of Black Belts and Green Belts in Six Sigma, I am often asked to help clarify concepts in the methodology, by my team members.  While the original Training material does help, I often Google the web for easier, simpler explanations of fundamentals, for the benefit of the team as well as my self.

Articles and posts on iSixSigma.com have helped a great deal in that pursuit.  As have other sources of information like Minitab.com.  But, more recently, I was pleasantly suprised to find two new applications of Technology that have opened up fresh new avenues of information on this subject!

One of them – YouTube – is a name we may all be familiar with.  As much as I’ve enjoyed watching entertaining videos and speeches on YouTube, I did not easily make the connection that this piece of technology can just as easily be applied to providing instructional videos on the fundamentals of Six Sigma!  Keith Bower does just that on KeithBower.com.  From his website, you can access a wide variety of video and audio podcasts on topics ranging from “Moving Range Charts” to “Practical Advice for DoE”.  I’ve gone through some of the podcasts and can vouch for their brilliant coverage of concepts in a manner that can be understood by almost any one.

Another recent discovery, thanks to a BPM newsletter of Steve Towers, was SlideShare.net.  Here, I found a way for authors (content creators, really) to share their powerpoint slides (embedded with audio/video) with an audience across the world, in an effortless manner!  In fact, you can create your own webinar in just a few clicks.  The site offers a rich repository of content on all kinds of subjects from Obama to Six Sigma, with an option to download the content, if the author chose to offer that option to you.

Head to these sources today, and you may just find yourself spending more time than you’d planned to!

Keith Bower’s podcasts | Quality on SlideShare.net

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