The Accessibility Project

More than 1 Billion people globally need some form of assistive technology, but only 1 in 10 have access!

This page is a volunteer initiative that aims to increase awareness about tools, resources and information on Accessibility and Inclusion, especially for folks in India.

If you know someone that can use these tools or resources, please share a link to this page with them. And, do exercise good judgement when evaluating any product/service or acting on any information below.


PlanetAbled- Inclusive Travel for All

Provides accessible travel solutions and leisure excursions for people with different disabilities

Mumbai’s first Playspace for the Specially-abled

A dedicated playspace for specially-abled children now at the sea-facing Joggers Park in Bandra

Gateway School for Special Needs

A not-for-profit organization that also runs a special school in Govandi, Mumbai

Society for Child Development

A platform of equal opportunities for people with disabilities

The/Nudge Institute – Gurukul

Center for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship focused on building knowledge, skills and mindsets

Training and Educational Centre for Hearing Impaired (TEACH)

Building an equitable ecosystem for deaf and hard of hearing students


Parkinson’s Spoons

Specially-designed utensils that make it easier for those living with Parkinson’s to eat/drink without spilling

Tools for Visual Impairment

Free, curated information and resources to assist children, parents, job seekers, and adults who are blind or have low-vision

Braille Basics for the Sighted

Resources and activities for people who are sighted to learn the basics of braille

Accessibility Features in Office365

Best-in-class apps and powerful cloud services with accessibility built-in, to ensure everyone can create, communicate, and collaborate on any device

BHAML – Inclusive Coding Framework

A platform that enables you to code, create, and innovate in your native language


Ableism 101 – Basics

What is ableism, what it looks like, and how to become a better ally

Right to Education: Children with Disabilities

Almost No Compliance of RTE: Lack of Infrastructure, Awareness Keeps Children With Disabilities Out of Schools

Given the voluntary nature of this project, readers accept that all content on this page (or related content shared via my social media accounts) is being posted on a best-effort basis, and that the author cannot be held liable for any product malfunction, service deficiencies or incorrect/outdated content, if found.