Does It Matter?

I started this blog inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, who once remarked : “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter.” 

Sometimes, when I think about those countless hours spent in composing and posting entries to this site, I find myself wondering if it really matters.  Is there any body out there, reading what I’m writing about?!

Here are some statistics from the logs of my host provider :

158 entries till date (since inception)

201 comments till date (since inception)

102 subscribers (rss feeds)

896 Avg. Unique Visitors/Month (Jan-Dec 2005)

5,402 Avg. Raw Hits/Month (Jan-Dec 2005)

82 visitors (past 24 hours)

293 visitors (past week)

699 visitors (past month)

Glad to see that at least some people are finding it worth their while.

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  1. naveeni stop by your site and read regularly though i don’t always have something to offer as a comment.I remember some animated discussion i have had on your blog in 2003.How could i forget that my choice of domain name registrar and the publishing platform for my blog was based on your recommendation ?Keep going ! The statistics are impressive indeed..

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