GMail Rocks!

I have been thinking about writing on GMail for a while now.  Finally, a post on Prashant Mullick’s blog on some nifty add-ons for GMail made me put pen to paper (or ‘mouse to screen’)…

I’d been wishing I had a GMail account for some weeks when I got the invite from an old (techie) friend.  At the outset, I must say I was impressed to find that “1000 MB of storage space” is not all it had to offer : 

The interface is incredibly fast (Uses JavaScript instead of HTML/ASP)

The “Labels” feature allows virtual storage of the same message under multiple content heads, so there’s no need to store emails in specific folders any more, and retrieval is also a breeze

The “Search” feature is (naturally) excellent and the “Keyboard Shortcuts” are simply amazing

Thanks to the ads (that are very discreet, text-only and relevant), the service is FREE!

To top it all, courtesy Mullick’s post, I now know of some really nice add-ons to GMail that will make life even more comfortable!

Bottom line : If you get a GMail account, grab it.