GMail Rocks!

I have been thinking about writing on GMail for a while now.  Finally, a post on Prashant Mullick’s blog on some nifty add-ons for GMail made me put pen to paper (or ‘mouse to screen’)…

I’d been wishing I had a GMail account for some weeks when I got the invite from an old (techie) friend.  At the outset, I must say I was impressed to find that “1000 MB of storage space” is not all it had to offer : 

The interface is incredibly fast (Uses JavaScript instead of HTML/ASP)

The “Labels” feature allows virtual storage of the same message under multiple content heads, so there’s no need to store emails in specific folders any more, and retrieval is also a breeze

The “Search” feature is (naturally) excellent and the “Keyboard Shortcuts” are simply amazing

Thanks to the ads (that are very discreet, text-only and relevant), the service is FREE!

To top it all, courtesy Mullick’s post, I now know of some really nice add-ons to GMail that will make life even more comfortable!

Bottom line : If you get a GMail account, grab it. 

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  1. Gmail may have quite a few innovative features that improve the experience of using email on the web but its popularity now stems from the huge storage space it provides free to users.The space offered by the leading providers until recently was very modest.After Google opened the floodgates others like Yahoo and Hotmail followed suit. Hurrah to free markets and competition!

  2. Greetings from a fellow Squarespace userI had no idea when I got an email from Google ages ago offering a Gmail account that it was going to be such a big deal. I accepted it, signed up and promptly forgot it. I completely missed the E-bay frenzy and it wasn’t till I read something on a blog somewhere that I realised how sought after they were. And Google were offering me 4 more as well! So I’ve been lucky enough to get one in my name and not Mikepower34566 or suchlike (and 4 more for family members) and I’ve realised that the combination of efficient, fast searching, multiple catagories and a huge storage facilty makes a Gmail account ideal for storing text files remotely. Now, instead of clipping articles to my notebook apps I select the email to: option and email to my gmail account. And in all we have 5 gigs to play with!

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