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Being a Photographer

I’m beginning to fall in love with lists. 

Here’s a fascinating one on 100 Things Completely Right about being a photographer… (I’m just including a few items from it that I loved the most!)

02. Seeing something that no one else sees.
06. Traveling to weird unheard of places to shoot unheard of things.
28. Giving back.
29. Finding a patch of light to call your own.
31. Seeing a story develop.
43. Curiosity.
49. Having more expensive toys than your kids.
55. Forgetting where your flash is…since 2001.
68. Learning something new.
85. Leaving the suit and tie on a hanger in the back of a closet.
88. Dropping that last image in the FTP folder.

Needless to add, read the entire list… you never know what develops!