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Thanks to Jin, I discovered a gem of a guest post on the excellent GapingVoid blog.  In “You, Less Than“, Pamela Slim presents her views on finding an identity that is distinct and true to your self.

Circumstances can cause you to question who you are… A boss writes you a stinging performance review… A reader leaves a bitter comment on your blog post… A vocal audience member questions your authority in the middle of your presentation… 

And you go from You, The Champion of the World to… You, less than.

When you fall into this deep pit of treachery and despair, you need something to pull you out. An image, a word, a note. It helps when this object reflects both the love you have for yourself as well as the love someone has for you.

Like a picture of you through your parent’s eyes… Or a note from an impassioned reader who loved the piece that you loved to write… Or a rock from a beach that was so beautiful you could swear that the sand was kissing your feet.  

You, less than, is a lie… Remember who you are.

Remember who you are?

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  1. “When you fall into this deep pit of treachery and despair” – why does it have to fluster one so much or cause to be dejected?
    The rule of the world has always been, ‘one size doesn’t fit all’.
    But yes, I do agree, it can cause a moment of consternation, especially when what you encounter is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction.

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