BookCrossing : Set Them Free

While watching a local news channel the other day, I chanced upon a fascinating concept – :

It’s a global book club that crosses time and space. It’s a reading group that knows no geographical boundaries. And it’s free !

BookCrossing is a book exchange of infinite proportion, the first and only of its kind. Here at you’ll find tens of thousands of book reviews, book ratings, and book recommendations, because each time a book changes hands, our members can leave journal entries telling the world of their experiences.

As the website says : Read a good book. Register it on the site. Release it for someone else to read. It’s that simple.

At the time of writing, more than 700 people in India, including myself, are already members. The basic idea is to “release” your books in to the wild (or give it to someone you know), making the entire world one big, free, library ! Membership (and participation) is absolutely free. So sign up and get started !

“People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading.” – Logan Pearsall Smith (1865 – 1946)

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