Mars : Up Close

On the 27th of Aug 2003, Mars was scheduled to whiz past Earth within a mere 34.6 million miles, bringing them closer to each other than at any time in recorded history. This would make it the brightest night-time object in the sky, except the moon.

As this CNN story reports :

The last time the red planet was this close to Earth 60,000 years ago, man lived in caves… Mars won’t pass closer to Earth until 2287, according to astronomers.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of my lovely wife, that night, we saw a planet with our naked eyes !

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  1. On this subject i have been confounded at the supposed infiniteness of the universe. when you bend your mind to comprehend the reach of the universe,you fail and the only way to reconcile is to have faith in a supreme force which must be behind this grand creation.this thought also makes me realise the futility of trying to find answers to every question that comes up in my mind instead i would rather enjoy the beauty of this creation.i recall having a fear one morning many months back over our planet falling freely into outer space…

  2. Editor,Please change the word ‘supposedly’to ‘supposed’in my comment on this entry.i failed to correct this semantic error.thank you

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