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The West Wing

There are very few things that make me feel as good as watching an episode of “The West Wing”. It’s not just the acting, or the story line. It’s not merely the production quality or its brilliant cast either. And, a quick look at the Wikipedia will be proof enough that it doesn’t get any better than this.

To me, “The West Wing” offers much more than ‘good entertainment’, though. On one level, its cast and crew personify excellence in television drama, gripping the audience with their exceptional acting, direction, cinematography and story-writing abilities. But, on another level, the series also highlights what a team of professionals can be capable of.

The staff of “The West Wing” behaves like any great team should.

They know the things they ought to know to do their jobs well. They are honest to each other, and do not shy away from criticism where it is due. They never procrastinate and they always work towards the common goal. Not that they don’t make any mistakes ; when they do, they own up to it, as professionals.

They stand by their principles, and are not afraid to take a stance on any issue or make difficult decisions. They have integrity. And they always have sight of the larger picture. Always.

I cannot imagine how many organisations (private or public) can boast of access to such a treasure… But I do hope God has made more people like these.

In the meanwhile, I await the next episode of “The West Wing” to transport me back to my Camelot….