Gary Hart Wants To Blog

Wired magazine recently reported on what is presumably the world’s first true weblog to be put up by a politician.

According to the writeup :

Maverick politician Gary Hart is trying to muster some political clout by blogging his way into visibility.

The former Colorado senator and 1988 Democratic front-runner for the presidential nomination is not officially a candidate, but his blog GaryHartNews is testing the waters. It promises regular political musings from the man himself and a place for readers to comment.

Elsewhere on his site, Gary explains :

“I think a campaign ought to be a vehicle for involving American citizens in the determination of their own destiny.”

I can’t help but think : It may not be the best thing a politician can do for the people, but at least its a step in the right direction.

When will our politicians take such a step?!

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  1. we have neither a common language nor wide access to tools of communication to want our politicians to use blogs.the right step for our politicians is to become honest and have a sense of purpose.

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