Cross Word

A new website offered an interesting premise: Publish your book in 10 minutes, free! Naturally, I was intrigued. On further investigation, it turned out that ‘If I Were A Book’ did not actually turn your words into a real book, but the did the next best thing possible. It gave you an opportunity to showcase your work among some well-renowned publishers. The list of partner publishers was impressive…

Back to the Future

Bob started talking about the way cinema used to be a socio-cultural event, back in the ol’ days. This was a time when a ticket cost less than 50 pence. But, in exchange for that princely sum, the audience could do so much…Just going to see a movie in the theatre used to be a memorable event in itself! Most of us born on this side of the ’70s would not have dreamt of such a thing, were it not for stories like these handed-down from one generation to the next. So that got me thinking: What else has actually deteriorated in terms of its overall experience, despite modern-day advances? Surely, one could come up with many examples…

Unsung Melodies

Many of us who go through our entire lives firmly believing that whatever we are today, we are because of our own efforts and hard work.  And then, there are others who believe that all Life is a hand dealt by destiny… or by God.  While I usually subscribe to the notion of hard work and individual effort, I also cannot ignore the contribution that others have made, over the years, in shaping my thoughts and offering me a perspective I did not have to begin with.

Does It Matter?

I started this blog inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, who once remarked : “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter.” Sometimes, when I think about those countless hours spent in composing and posting entries to this site, I find myself wondering if it really matters. Is there any body out there, reading what I’m writing about?!

Ticket to Heaven

Mumbai is not on the usual rock circuit, and is quite starved for good concerts. Most international acts give the city a pass, thanks to unfriendly government regulations and taxes. So it was with much surprise and enthusiasm that, yesterday, we witnessed one of the all-time greats of rock – Mark Knopfler – in concert at the MMRDA grounds!