Communication Design Essentials

ThinkShop works with many clients in the domain of Marketing Strategy. And, “marketing” comes down to Communication Design that works. It’s not really rocket science, but most folks still seem to get it wrong.

If you’re new to it, here are 7 simple but powerful tips to help you get started…

1. Know Your Customer – There is simply no substitute to this. Whatever your business, you need a develop a very good understanding of your target audience.

2. Primary Target – Every new venture can attempt to address multiple customer segments, but it pays to know your “primary” target group. Once you agree on who they are, focus maximum efforts on those.

3. Don’t Ramble – When designing any element of communication, it is important to keep the content clear and concise. Don’t ramble. No one wants to wade through it to find what’s relevant.

4. Tell A Story – Whenever possible, tell a compelling story. It’s the easiest and most engaging way to reach your audience.

5. Establish Credibility – New brand? New concept? Every one needs to establish credibility with the audience. Use Social Proof, if necessary.

6. Start With A Bang! – If you are crafting a written piece in long-form, start with your most important agenda item, instead of eventually getting down to it in the seventh paragraph (or worse, ending with it!). Most folks won’t be going through its entire length.

7. Call To Action – End with the action you expect your readers to take, guiding them to the results you want, instead of leaving it to them to decide.

These can go a long way in making your Marketing efforts more effective. And once you get cracking with some of these, you can always engage with a professional that can help take your initiatives to the next level.