Indiblogger Meet 2010

15th August 2010 was a memorable one for me.  Besides being India’s independence day, it was also the third anniversary of, and the date for an Indiblogger Mumbai Meet after a two-year wait!

Enough and more has been written on the event by bloggers that are way more enthu than me about reporting the details.  So I’ll only write about the stuff that left an impression on me…

The Indiblogger team has evolved so much in the two years since the last event in Mumbai.  This one had its own hashtag (#indimum), complete with a hi-tech registration process (just enter your Indiblogger id!) and a live stream that showed tweets and arrival updates on the big screen throughout the event!  In fact, thanks to the tweets, people could “follow” the event live, even if they were unable to make it. 

Many of us got a chance to put faces to names we’d been interacting with for so long.  Activities like the whackiest intro to your self/blog, and writing comments on chart papers hung on each of us, only helped break the ice and make it more fun.  (Your’s truly was chosen as one of the five whackiest intros from the group of over 250, and won a domain name registration which I ended up gifting away to a fellow blogger who had four blogs on four different URLs!)  As if that was not enough, there were also cool freebies for every one, prizes for pop quizzes, and Gul Panag (ain’t she so pretty?) who was invited to join in the festivities and moderate a discussion on the future of blogging.

The energy level in the room was visible and contagious!  It was so nice to meet fellow bloggers passionate about blogging, and spend an entire afternoon with them, just having fun and getting to know each other. 

To cut a long story short, I left with more friends that evening than I’d walked in with!  What more could you ask of a lazy Sunday afternoon?

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