E63 Rocks!

I have used a lot of mobile handsets, believe me.  And, till date, the E63 is simply the best smartphone I have ever encountered.

My typical association with each new cellphones lasts between 6-8 months.  In the past, I have extensively used and tested handsets from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Palm and Apple.  My platform experience includes every thing from the original Palm Pilot to the latest Apple iPhone and every thing in between.  And, I’m telling you that the E63 represents the smartest package in the best value possible.  Period.

The Internet is filled with reviews of the device and detailed comparisons between the E63 and comparable handsets from Nokia and others, so I won’t go into all the details.  I will, however, say that if you’re looking for a good business phone / smartphone to do every thing except your cooking, you cannot do better than the E63 today.  In fact, look at the list of “cons” against any of these E63 reviews, and think about each item on that list – does it really matter?

It already offers an improvement over the much-loved E71 at less than 60% of its price.  Yes, there are those that will tell you about the camera being downgraded, hard volume controls being absent and no built-in GPS.  The camera offers better quality pics than the E71’s, the volume settings can be controlled via the d-pad, and GPS software can be downloaded. 

Plus, you get a significantly-improved keyboard (with rubberised finish), a non-fingerprint-magnet matt body and every thing you may possibly want in a business device.  That includes QuickOffice, Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, 3G and a host of other features to go with it!  If you’re seriously into mobile photography, you’re better off with a serious camera phone.  But, that’s not why you buy a business phone, do you?

Unlike the Blackberry which excels at email but at little else, the E63 can handle a very wide range of tasks for you.  The Symbian UI included is one of the best, most stable and fastest implementations ever made.  Plus, having a symbian phone means access to hundreds of thousands of mobile apps that can do just about any thing. 

The phone is very very responsive, and offers an impressive battery life that far exceeds rivals like the E71 and E75, within the same weight.  And, it’s a Nokia – which means it works just like any good Nokia should, and you can borrow a charger from almost any one!

Get it today.  You won’t regret it.

P.S. If you do get one, you’ll need to download and install AutoLock, if you’d like to have your keypad automatically locked after a predefined time (a feature that’s absent on the E63).  I also recommend WeFi (automatic wifi hunting), Calcium (calculator replacement) and OviMaps (replacement for the built-in Maps tool) if you’re serious about any of those utilities.  Lastly, NokiaMusic offers a great alternative to iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, if you’re into music!