Know your World

Thanks to a link from one of Atanu’s posts, I discovered the amazingly powerful and insightful data graph of GapMinder on the state of the World and its evolution since the 1800s.

Whether it’s birth/death rates you need or cellphone usage per 100 people, CO2 emissions per tonne or air accident deaths, forest land in sq. km. or unemployment rates in women, this one visual has absolutely every thing on it!

It’s an extremely powerful and useful way to represent data, and you should consider spending some time clicking on the X-axis title and choosing various indicators, to see how they play out.  Mouse-over on the chart or map will also give you added info on any statistic.  Plus, there’s plenty of help to choose from, in case you feel overwhelmed.

GapMinder World’s site describes the tool as a “fact-based world view“.  It simply doesn’t get any better than this…

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