Paradox at Work

I have attended countless Business Review meetings in my 10-year working span.  And, in that time, I have had ample opportunity to introspect on the challenges that organizations face, particularly the large-scale variety.  At one such meeting, I began thinking about the paradoxes involved :

* Every one (function/business team/channel) needs more data, more MIS, more dashboards… But, hardly any one uses them efficiently!

* There is always a tradeoff between getting it done “first” and getting it done “better”.  But, can an organization afford to launch something in the market, and then improve on it?!  Will customers come back to experience the all-new improved version if their first experience was sub-optimal?

* Every where I see, new initiatives are rewarded, but implementation of these “best practices” does not receive any recognition!  Who will focus on Execution?!

* Is there a choice to be made between Service focus, Process focus and New Business focus?!  Are organizations making these choices every day?

What other paradox have you experienced in your work life?  And, what are you doing about it?  Would love to hear from you…

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