Music to my Ears

Hindustani, Western, Ghazals, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Oldies, Chartbusters, Ballads, Original Soundtracks, Operas, Quartets, Instrumental, Fusion…

Reading reviews of new releases,
Browsing through CDs in the local music store,
Listening to samples on the listening posts,
Picking up a few CDs on every visit,
Rushing home to rip open the plastic,
Exploring a new album…

Liking some songs and not liking others,
Hitting the Repeat button,
Hitting the Skip too,
Using the Program feature…

Talking about a great song/album to friends,
Finding out that me and a colleague love the same band,
Attending a rock show,
Listening to a live performance with the lights turned off…

I love music.  In every way possible.

What we play is life.  — Louis Armstrong

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  1. i am a novice in music but relish melodious tunes.yet my unwillingness to even lend an ear to listen to the genres i know nothing about,is responsible for lost opportunities to savour the entire range of living forms of musiccan music be appreciated fully without an intimate knowledge of genre and its nuances? i suppose so. that begs the question what do we miss out on without knowing the intricate details of a form of music?

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