10 Hacks for a Better Tomorrow

Yes, the New Year is upon us. And, many will feel the pressure of making new resolutions, renewing old promises, and convincing ourselves (or others) that “this time will be different”.

Of course, status quo can be quite comforting – after all, you spent many years perfecting that routine. But, that’s not how you grow!

Here are 10 ways you can break free from that mind block today, and start moving towards a better tomorrow…

  1. If you are in Sales, take up a project in Operations and understand their challenges
  2. If you work in a Business role, attend a Technology conference every now and then
  3. If you have only worked in large enterprises, help out a friend at a startup with your experience
  4. If you’ve spent your life in a certain industry, talk to someone in a different one
  5. If you take a set route on your daily commute, make some time for a spontaneous detour
  6. If you are scientific-minded, try dabbling in an art form like poetry or painting
  7. If you always photograph wildlife, don’t be afraid to attempt landscapes or candid
  8. If you are a musician, try your hands at a new instrument, or give songwriting a shot
  9. If you only read non-fiction, try picking up a classic, or a popular fiction author
  10. If you take pride in not reading anything, try a book… or ten!

Homemakers, students, young managers, senior leaders and entrepreneurs can all benefit from fresh, new perspectives. Don’t you think?

After all, as Neale Donald Walsch observed, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”