2016 Internet Trends

Mary Meeker at KPCB recently released the 2016 edition of the Internet Trends Report. At over 200 slides, it is indeed a treasure trove of information on the growing popularity of the Internet, and on the macro-economic trends that will shape our lives in the days to come.

Here are just a few elements that struck me as noteworthy…


Global Internet Users @ 3 Bn and 42% penetration

India Internet User Growth accelerating at +40% year on year

India Internet Users @ 277 Mn passed US to become #2 global market after China

Internet Retail on the rise bolstered by Always-On Connectivity + Hyper Targeted Marketing

Internet is now 10% of Retail Sales vs <2% in 2000

Video Usage, Sophistication and Relevance continues to grow rapidly

Voice as Computing Interface gains prominence with accuracy reaching >90%

Global Smartphone Users slowing at +21% year on year (vs +31% last year)

Global GDP Growth slowing = Growth in 6 of last 8 years below 20-year average

Interest Rates have fallen to historically low levels; Total Global Debt are high and rising faster than GDP

Demographic Trends = Slowing population growth, Slowing birth rates, Increasing life spans

Economic Growth slowing + Margins for Error declining = Easy Growth is behind us


Here is the entire report. Bookmark it and read it.