Thank You, Steve

On 5 Oct 2011, the world lost a creative genius and visionary – Steve Jobs.

Steve was not a spiritual guru or a political leader, but a force to reckon with… someone with both the determination and the talent to change the world.  And, change the world he did. 

Tomes have been written already on the man and his legacy, and a lot more will be said in the years to come.  Sure, he gave the world the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.  But he did much more than that.  Steve’s work touched millions of lives in more ways that even he could have imagined.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to pen down what he meant for me, and to thank him for the contribution he made to my life…

Thank you, Steve, for teaching us that “Design is how you Think!”

Thank you, Steve, for demonstrating that you can follow your dreams and change the world, without compromising on one or the other.

Thank you, Steve, for proving beyond a doubt that Less is More.

Thank you, Steve, for the learning that we don’t have to choose between Form and Function.

Thank you, Steve, for showing the world that it’s possible to raise the bar so high that you touch the sky.

Thank you, Steve, for having the courage and the conviction to go with your instincts and not ask us – the consumers – what we really wanted.

Thank you, Steve, for making a dent in the Universe…

You will be missed.

One thought on “Thank You, Steve”

  1. The death of Mr.Steve Jobs is a huge loss not only for Apple but for millions of his fans worldwide. People used to eagerly wait for his latest product releases year after year with so much awe unmatched by anyone else in the modern era. No matter what he worked on he used to convert it to gold. That shows the immense passion,dedication and hard work he put in what he did. Of course, like what he said in Standord University, he really loved what he did. His life is an example for all of us and for future generations. Will miss him forever. God bless him.

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