Troubleshooting Yourself

Is your computer getting a better deal than you are? How can you change things around to make sure that you’re taking good care of yourself?

The sub-text was intriguing, to say the least.  As I continued reading the post by Ali Hale on Dumb Little Man, I couldn’t help but smile.  The analogy made perfect sense!  Even those of us who know how to take care of our gadgets could do with a reminder on how to take better care of ourselves

Most of us work and play at our computers. We might abuse them from time to time, but we try to take good care of them. We install virus-protection software, we carry our laptops in a special case, we reboot the computer when it’s getting slow, and so on. If something goes wrong – an odd error message, or the blue screen of death – we take action to fix it.

Do you take such good care of yourself? Or do you end up working yourself into the ground, ignoring the first symptoms of problems? Here are some dos and don’ts which are probably part of your computer’s regime: how about making them part of yours too?

Here are the main points, for all you ultra-busy multi-taskers out there…

  • Don’t … Run Lots of Programs At Once
    Having your email and Twitter open while working on a report isn’t generally helpful
  • Do … Prevent Viruses Ever Taking Hold
    Getting enough sleep… Avoiding excessive amounts of stress…
  • Don’t Wait Until The Battery’s Dead to Recharge
    We often push ourselves too hard, and ignore our own “low battery” signals
  • Do … Implement Efficiency Tips
    Whatever area you want to improve in your life, you can find a guide to help you to do it
  • Don’t … Try to Fix It All Yourself
    There is nothing wrong or weak about seeking help when you need it

Do take the time to read the entire post.

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