Motivation Secrets

One of my all-time favourite blogs – Zen Habits – recently posted yet another gem, this time on The Only Two Secrets of Motivating Yourself You’ll Ever Need:

… The more I learn about it, the more I realize that motivation isn’t that complicated.

Sure, there are numerous tips that can help, numerous tactics and strategies I’ve used with success. But it really all boils down to two things.

And those two things are so deceptively simple that you might decide to stop reading after I name them: 1) Make things enjoyable and 2) Use positive public pressure. But read on for more on how to use those two things to motivate yourself for any goal.

You really should take the time to go through the entire post.  You’ll recognize much of yourself, and your friends & family, in the examples and challenges written about.  And, best of all, you’ll also find the solution to them. 

Thank you, Leo!  I’m heading home with a print-out right now…

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