Same Old, Same Old

A few weeks ago, while we were still in the hospital, some close family friends of ours had paid us a visit.  They had known my wife’s family since before she was born!  The two families had lived as neighbours in many cities.  The two heads of the families had worked together for several decades in the same organization, and had been each other’s friend for over 40 years.  They had practically seen my wife and her elder brother grow from infanthood to their respective roles as mother and father of their own infants!

When I thought about that, it occurred to me that this was an experience I’ve never had. 

I’ve never known any one for over 30 years.  Never been best friends with any one for “that long”.  Never worked in the same organization for even one decade, let alone several…  And, even though I am only in my thirties, given the transient nature of the lives we lead, today, there may be some experiences like this, I may never have.  Ever.

It also occurred to me that this “stability” that the earlier generation enjoyed was, perhaps, responsible for the disconnect that they have in their post-retirement years.  Think about it.  If you’ve spent countless years knowing the same people, working in the same organization, doing the same things, wouldn’t you feel unsettled when every thing suddenly changed because of some “retirement age” coming into effect?

Compare that with today’s work-life scenario.  We rarely ever live in the same location for more than a few years.  We hardly spend more than a few years in the same job/organization.  Many of the friends we’re “in touch” with, live across continents

Things are just not like they used to be in the ol’ days… What say?