Gandhi and a Goon

It may not have drawn as many crowds as it is pulling today, if the Gandhian element was promoted more actively.  After all, who would want to go see a ‘preachy’ movie that promised a discourse on antiquated Gandhian ideals in today’s modern world ?!  But pulling crowds, it certainly is.  More successfully than most.

Yes, I am talking about Lage Raho Munna Bhai – That much awaited sequel of the original Munna Bhai MBBS !

It’s a bit ironic that, when I was in the theatre, waiting for the movie to start, I couldn’t help but wonder why we have an archaic law in modern India that insists on a rendition of the National Anthem before every movie?  Every one is forced to drop their popcorns and coke cans and stand up while the Anthem plays on the big screen.  I’m not against patriotism.  But, what purpose does it achieve to interrupt the entertainment experience of movie goers to remind them of the National Anthem?!  Why?

As soon as the movie began, however, I forgot all about that question and, instead, immersed myself in the most “wholesome” entertainment I have experienced in a movie, in a long long time. It’s got every thing – Drama, Comedy, Laughs, Tears, Morals, Pretty Girl, Song-and-Dance … and all this without violence and abuses and erotic scenes, mind you.  And, the best part is that it successfully weaves Gandhian values and ideals in the context of a local goon and his friends, in a meaningful and engaging manner!

Go watch this movie.  For the music… For the hilarious comedy… For a taste of how “Gandhi” can be relevant, even today!

Munna Bhai is certainly one sequel that’s even better than the original. 

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