Friendly Behaviour

I was talking to a “friend” about people leaving the country they’ve spent their whole life in, and settling down in an alien nation, and he remarked how difficult it would be to leave all the friendships behind.

That got me thinking.  It occurred to me that some of my “close” friends are people who live two continents away!  With others, many of whom live just a few blocks away, I don’t seem to share that much anymore…

Friends come in so many shapes and sizes, it would be interesting to try and list down all the possible types one could think of, wouldn’t it?  So, here goes…

  • Best friends – (Almost) two bodies one soul
  • Close friends – People you can depend on, and share stuff with
  • Good friends – Folks you can hang out with, have sleep-overs with
  • Party friends – You know?  People you party with!
  • Close acquaintances – You know something about them / You share a common past
  • Neighbourhood chums – That’s where the term “friendly neighbourhood” comes from!
  • Batch mates – Friends from your school/college (includes your sibling’s friends too)
  • Work Buddies – 9 to 5 (or whatever your work hours!)
  • Hobby friends – Bowling, philately, gym… whatever you both dig
  • Intellectual friends – On the same wavelength; People you can talk with for hours at end
  • Friends in need – People you go to when you get into trouble (financial or otherwise)
  • Fake friends – You know, people who are not really your friends
  • Important friends – Friends in high places (they may be your father’s friends to begin with)
  • Phonebook Pals – Only an entry on your SIM card… waiting for the next update of phone number!
  • And finally, there’s my favourite type : Soulmate.

Did I miss out any thing?  Feel free to contribute…

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  1. Nice article. you could addBus-Train friends- People you may not really talk to, but see them everyday and smile.Ofcourse trains have train friend groups too

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