A New Lexicon

This August, I completed a year of working for the organization I spend most of my waking hours in.  And, it occurred to me that, over the past 12 months or so, I seem to have picked up a bit of its "vocabulary"!  Here’s a glimpse :


– Explain every thing you know about it to your colleague.

– OR Debrief your colleagues after a meeting you had that they were not a part of.

– OR Handover to your reportee / your colleague / the-new-guy-on-the-job.  As in, once you have resigned.


– Shrink! (Not to be confused with growing at a decelerating pace)


– Orginally meant to convey ‘Rewards & Recognition’; Now signifying any award function/ceremony! 


Isn’t it funny how the same words mean totally different things in a different context…