When Things Just Work

James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Bill Conti, James Newton Howard, Michael Kamen, John Williams…

What do these names have in common? Besides the fact that they are all music composers for Hollywood movies, and great ones at that?  Chances are that if there’s a movie for which one of these guys has written the score, it will be a movie worth watching.  And it turns out so, more than 90% of the times !

Which raises the question : How does this happen?

What is it about good talent that attracts other good talent?  I have come to regard the names of these composers as powerful “brands”. I trust these brands to deliver each time. And they do. Not only is the music in these movies great, but the story, the direction and the cast that accompanies it is often of very high standards.

Maybe it’s the wise director who chooses one of these gentlemen for the music, just like he handpicks the star cast to play his story’s characters. Maybe good actors only choose to work with good directors. Maybe it’s all a karma thing…

Either way, it all makes for one great evening by the screen…

Isn’t it great when things just work?!

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  1. Ma cooked good food.Classics were better.Shakespeare was a genius.Socrates was a philosopher.Its association, some things that wedge in the mind till its repudiated by some other theory, practice or person.Same with music, good talented musicians are good with the age one is related and lived.Try playing Mozart to a teenager, or Chess to a mid school. The preferences have changed to Rock and VideogamesThe brand theory works the same way; if Ford was a brand to deliver black cars always, until the brand renovated the goods it sold it lost market and customers.Brands deliver an association to an experience. Hence, every time I pick up the music composers I go back to a experience to the time I enjoyed…!!!

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