Time Less

All of us must have, at some point or the other, wished we had more time to pursue our interests and goals. Most end up regretting the way they chose to allocate their time, wishing they had done more in their prime. For a long time, I used to argue that “Time is a function of interest”. But soon I found myself lagging behind in my own pursuit… wondering what I could do to amend that situation… wanting to do so much with so little time at hand.

Then, I came across an article in the Free Press Journal (a relatively unpopular Indian daily) which spoke of an author (I forget who) learning a lesson in Time Management when he was 14 years old. When his piano teacher learned that he spent an hour or more each day practicing the instrument, he was chided for doing so. The teacher explained that as he grows older he will have less time available at hand and more and more things to do in that time. If he makes hourly sessions his routine, he will never be able to make the time for it as life’s other priorities take precedence. Instead, he should try and snatch 10-15 minutes at a time, throughout the day. That way, the music will become part of his routine and his life. And he will be able to continue playing even when there is only 10 minutes to spare !

I only wish someone had taught me this lesson earlier. But better late than never.

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