Tolerate Genius

I passed by a postcards-counter in a restaurant recently, and one particular card caught my eye:

“Tolerate Genius”, David Ogilvy.

Think about it. How many of us actually do?

Albert Einstein once said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” If we examine our own experiences, we are more likely to find that a reality. And that’s what a genius faces each day. Opposition. Violent opposition. In spirit, in thought, and in acceptance. Yet, if we look back in history, we would not have moved beyond the Stone Age if it weren’t for unconventional thought. We would spend the rest of our lives in the belief that the Earth is flat and we are at the centre of the Universe. No discoveries to be made. No inventions. No nothing.

Isn’t it time we made it just a little bit easier for geniuses to do their job? Isn’t it time we Tolerate Genius?

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  1. ..this is so true… and ofcourse so ironical that one has to ‘tolerate’ people of innovation… who is tolerating whom in the real sense!!! The spirit of innovation is the drive which keeps one alive and on path to progress. Innovation just does not mean a rational or for that matter practical thought but an idea that is simply different and ‘ORIGINAL’!!.. people of spirit and innovation keep it burning and that is the only hope for a sane world!!

  2. A genius is rare and gifted, so goes the popular thinking.this breed has had to stand up to public scrutiny of their thoughts,ideas and is akin to coronation and widespread acceptance of an authority in a domain.these minds in the path of their work cross conventional ways and stir a hornet’s nest.Conformance to established ways is the problem.Let us tolerate difference in the first place and the world would be peaceful.Do we know the number of distinct species under water ? it is innumerable yet the oceans did not turn into a cauldron did it ? Blame our sixth sense for getting judgmental of our ilk !

  3. I’d extend this logic to recommend tolerance of those with autism as well, many of whom are extremely intelligent, but because they express themselves differently, they are written off as fools.

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