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I have a little book called the “Book of Questions”. It has nothing but questions in it ; No answers, just questions. Each question is meant to make you think about your life and your approach to it. Some of them are pretty thought-provoking. One specific question from that book has done a lot to the way I look at life. It goes like this…

“If you had just the end of the day before you die, and from now until then, you could not even say one thing to any one, what would you regret most not saying? And why haven’t you told them yet?”

Think about it. We always live as if life will go on forever, each of us fully aware of the fact that death will come without warning. Yet, the secret to a good life is to live each day like it will be your last. That way, instead of putting off for tomorrow, we will do / say it today ! If each of us did that, wouldn’t the world be a far better place?

What would YOU regret most not saying? And why haven’t you told them yet?

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  1. Agreed!!One should live in the awareness of death.Finally what bigger fear exists greater than death.One who has conquered this fear has conquered all fears.

  2. Honestly, there is lot I will regret, but only after I’m dead and gone. Because if I reveal what I want to say to some people, it will shake their beliefs, will rattle their confidence and probably shatter their faith. And I am not just using these adjectives, the results will speak of nothing else.Plus there might be a broken heart or two, so I’ll keep mum for now 🙂

  3. Editor’s Reply ::Vijai, I read your comment : Sounds like there is a lot you have to say. So what if it shakes some beliefs or breaks a heart. If you truly feel you should say it, say it. The results may just surprise you. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained !

  4. Death marks the passage of the soul from its bodily confinement.from a human perspective it is a sad yet inevitable end of a chequered prepare for it takes a brave spirit and an acceptance of the fleeting nature of life. we live with regrets every day of our lives.there is nothing one can do to undo the deeds of the can correct but not erase those.we dont know the purpose of life.when one begins to think about it we turn inwards and search for answers.some great yet simple truths will emerge which will make us realise our folly of pursuing the wordly pleasures to the exclusion of other important things.the question posed above is truly important in the list of things we ought to do in the course of the transitory experience we call may agree or disagree with the views i proffered but those are only based on my faith in the teachings of the saints and my spiritual journey.

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