Chapter 1 – UncommonWisdom (1999-2001)

I’ve been fascinated with the power of the Internet since 1995 – before the first cyber cafe was made available in India! The idea of providing Digital Consulting services was born in 1999, when (after a degree in Business Management) I started a web-design studio called ‘UncommonWisdom’, to help clients make the most of the Internet as a Communication tool.

My boutique venture was way ahead of its time, but we delivered some interesting work in this space, including Digital Strategy, Web Design and UX for some enterprise-grade applications. We even got the opportunity to design the User Experience for one of India’s first Internet Trading platforms!

What followed were several stints with organizations of all shapes and sizes, through roles based in Technology, Process and Communication Design, with a focus on Financial Services. Most of them have been intrapreneurial, in the sense that they involved building new capabilities and processes for these organizations, and aligning them to a new reality in the always-on world.  



Chapter 2 – ThinkShop (2013-2017)

Its second avatar – ThinkShop – began life in 2013, to help organizations bridge the gap between Idea and Execution.

As an independent consultant at the helm of ThinkShop, I was fortunate to work with some of the leading players in Financial Services, Insurance and Education, and a portfolio that included developing Customer Engagement strategy and Marketing Communication frameworks, User Experience Design across multiple platforms, and architecture for a 100,000+ page web presence.

In 2018, after four years with ThinkShop, I went back to full-time employment to apply my skills to problems of Scale. 



To all the clients and wellwishers of ThinkShop & UncommonWisdom,
a big Thank You for all your help and support