ThinkShop Portfolio

Here are select examples of ThinkShop’s work from 2013 to 2017

Some of the work was confidential; On request, specific details have been withheld below

100,000+ page website in Financial Services

The Information Architecture of a very large website (100,000+ pages) is driven by a number of key factors, including an understanding of the target customer, fundamentals of User Experience, and the content strategy to be adopted. This was a challenging project that involved integrating content & data sources from a variety of internal/external feeds, designing template-level wireframes for every key piece of information, defining database-driven content for inner-level pages, and finally, a Responsive Design strategy for the mobile version of the site.

The newly-minted website saw significant traction with the customer base, in just a few months

Customer Portal for an Online Securities major

A leading brokerage firm with pan-India presence sought to build a state-of-the-art Online Platform to engage with its evolving user base. We worked with the Leadership team to map out the Business Objectives, define the Project Scope and design an elegant User Experience for the target customer, in-line with industry Best Practices.

Customer Engagement for an Education startup

An innovative platform, aimed at providing analytics and insights to JEE aspirants in their preparations, sought our help to create a Customer Engagement roadmap for their channel partners and end-users. The scope of this project included crafting high-quality assets for offline and online channels, driving digital campaigns, and working with partners pan India, to make it easier for them to convert prospects into signups.

Career Portal for a Life Insurance major

India’s leading private Life Insurance organisation was looking for an efficient way to recruit in large numbers (1,000+ a month), with an ongoing pipeline of candidates being processed through the system. We helped design and develop a Career Portal that integrates with their proprietary Recruitment Engine and with on-ground call-center processes, to ensure a smooth experience for potential employees as well as the Human Resources team.

In less than 12 months since its launch, the Career Portal logged more than 15,000 leads in the system

User Experience of a multi-device Trading Platform

We began working on the advanced version of the Stock Trading Platform when it was merely a concept, with some barebone screens thrown in, and a client brief that read: “We must make this an industry-leading platform!” By the end of the project, we had in our hands what was arguably one the most advanced Trading Platforms in the country, masked behind an easy-to-use and engaging interface.

GTM Strategy for an Advanced Coaching Lab

We worked with the founding team of a Coaching Lab to define a hyperlocal Go-To-Market Strategy for their flagship center in Mumbai, including the brand positioning, promotional collateral and the design of on-ground events, all aimed at driving traffic to the center and encouraging signups.

Student enrollments went up 4x within just a few months of this exercise

The idea of ‘ThinkShop‘ was born way back in 1999, when I first started a web-design studio called ‘UncommonWisdom’. It subsequently took the form of a Consulting firm that provided Business, Technology & CX solutions to clients from 2013 until the end of 2017. Now in its third avatar – ThinkShop Solutions LLP – sports a brand new identity, but remains focused on Business Advisory, Technology & CX.

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