First Impressions

  • Wealth / Fame / Pedigree / Sartorial sense / Brand consciousness
  • Formal education / Knowledge / Wisdom / Street smarts
  • Humor / Good manners / Punctuality / Problem solving
  • Talent for cooking / Being able to fix things / Taming technology
  • Ability to live in the present / Ability to plan ahead
  • Religiosity / Spirituality / Free thinking / Grounded values
  • Listening skills / Analytical skills / Insatiable curiosity / Spontaneity
  • Humility / Grace / Kindness / Empathy / Admitting fault
  • Being charitable / Generosity of spirit / Being a good human being

The qualities that we find most impressive in others, say a lot about who we are…

Health – 7 Rules

Rules to keep in mind when it comes to Health / Medicine:

  1. Medicine ≠ Health; Medicine should not be the first resort, and should be seen as a temporary aid, as far as possible
  2. Doctors are human too – they can be cautious, aggressive, money-minded, etc.; Therefore, whenever you can, choose the more conservative approach
  3. Never only Google your symptoms; Follow it up with reading from credible sources like Mayo Clinic; Take in the whole picture
  4. Use every opportunity to improve your knowledge of Health (and hence, treatment of illness), through the problems that affect friends and family
  5. Learn about natural remedies and alternative medicinal approaches like Biochemistry and Homeopathy – there is much more to it than the Western world thinks/knows
  6. Medical standards keep changing, so stay informed and be aware
  7. Most importantly, Life is about dealing with the unexpected. When shit happens, remember to stay positive. That does more for your Health than anything else!

Good, Bad and Ugly

What humans are (typically) bad at:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Understanding Data and Statistics
  3. Root Cause Analysis / Ability to analyze complex information
  4. Giving constructive feedback or unbiased advice to others
  5. Being aware of Cognitive Biases (in themselves and in others)

Most folks think they are really good at points 1-4 above, though!

What humans are usually good at:

  1. Resisting change
  2. Staying inside their comfort zone
  3. Making quick judgments / impulsive decisions
  4. Sticking to their perceptions and beliefs, despite evidences to the contrary
  5. Understanding exponential numbers and the impact of compounding