Story Telling

In business, stories are facts wrapped in context and delivered with emotions.

Your assertions and opinions have limited currency with your listeners vs opinions about you coming from people they trust (like a close friend) vs their own deductions based on the stories you share. (Endowment Bias at work?!)

Back up opinions (and facts) with a personal anecdote or a short story (< 3 min narration time) that personifies it. ‘Story Telling’ is what makes the interaction memorable and impactful.

Build a “story bank” for different situations in advance. Look back on your own experiences, and save stories that can help contextualize your opinions (with tags).

Times to “actively listen” are not times to narrate a story. Also, don’t respond to close-ended / data-based / agitated questions with a story.

Thanks, IC @ StoryWorks

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