A Journey Too Far

What happens when the act of observing changes the very nature of what is being observed? What happens when Science transcends the boundaries of Politics? What happens when Man decides to play God? These questions troubled me as I flicked through some less-frequented pages in the local daily. So I decided to Google it, to find out more. Turns out, it was all true !!!

Two Square Meters

I was researching Hong Kong as a destination of work, for a friend who was thinking of taking up a job there, and came to the realization that good information on what it is like to live in a city, is hard to find. Anyway, through the course of my excavations, I chanced upon a rather interesting website – Batgung – maintained by two expats who’ve been living in Hong Kong for over a decade… And, through them, learned that Hong Kong makes an intriguing contribution to saving the Earth !

Small is Beautiful

Why are SMEs small? And why is Rural India poor? I think part of the problem lies in our not being able to use *indigenous* technologies to the extent possible. There is also no dearth of Business Management graduates in this country, with business schools mushrooming in every nook and corner. Yet, a very small percentage of them end up becoming entrepreneurs or take up employment with SMEs…