A Perfect World

I have often wondered about a peculiar question : Is "ideal" necessarily "impractical" ?I know there is no such thing as the perfect world. And I am not aiming for one. But I sincerely believe that the world would be so much better a place if we aimed for the sky and not landed the stars, but didn't fall on the ground either...

Sigmoid Curve

Have you ever wondered when is the right time to launch something new? When is it right to change tracks? When is it a good time to take a leap of faith into an unknown future? Should you not wait till you reap the rewards of the efforts you have put in? If these questions have bothered you endlessly, a little tool called the "Sigmoid Curve" might help.

Emergic Freedom

Emergic.com ... The basic premise is that of using low-end (but perfectly useable) computers, bundled with open-source (and hence, resource-friendly) software based on Linux, to enable cheap access to millions of people all over the world. That means, the dream of an internet-enabled PC in every hospital room, in every hotel room, in every school and college.. can soon become a reality !