Wear Sunscreen

On June 1, 1997, a young reporter for the Chicago Tribune by the name of Mary Schmich wrote a short essay in her column. It was meant to be a “Guide to Life for Graduates”… It became famous as the “Suncreen Speech” and offers some of the best advice I have ever come across in life…

Good news for Bloggers

Some months ago, Google bought Pyra Labs – the folks behind Blogger.com, which meant that blogging was getting serious enough for Google to notice… Six Apart (of MovableType fame) has also announced that they will soon be launching the TypePad Personal Publishing Service – the tool that is expected to empower users to reach the full potential of the weblog medium… Self-publishing, which is what Blogger and blogging are really about, is the next big wave of human communication…

Working for a Living

We were meant to work for a living…not a life. Yet, billions of us spend more than a third of each day, in places we don’t want to be, doing work we don’t want to do. Is there an escape? In June of 2002, I chanced upon an essay by email. It came into my life out of the blue, but seemed to echo every thing I wanted to say on the subject. It provided me with hope…and encouragement…giving me a clarity I wished I had had earlier in life…

Desperately Seeking a Memex !

In spite of years of advances in the field of personal computing, no one has bothered to come up with a better way to search-and-retrieve the data we store on our machines. To my surprise, I discovered that the exact same problem was stated way back in 1945 ! Is there a solution?

David v Goliath

Through most of my working years, I have been associated with small- to medium-sized firms. I have tried the large-enterprise route too. And come to the realization that the two represent two very different personalities. Neither route is more right or wrong. But the probability of success with any one approach will depend strongly on the kind of person *you* are. Over the next several posts, I will try and highlight some my learnings on this subject to give you a better idea of what the two routes involve…

Have you been Googled?

The Boston Globe Online wrote a story in Feb 2003 of how the world’s most preferred search engine – Google – is changing what we can find out about one another…The first tool truly to make sense of the white noise that is the Internet, Google has become essential research for everyone…But somewhere along the path toward changing our daily lives, Google changed our concept of time as well. It has helped make our past – or oddly refracted shards of it – present and permanent.

Tolerate Genius

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Isn’t it time we made it just a little bit easier for geniuses to do their job? Isn’t it time we Tolerate Genius?

Why Nerds Are Unpopular

You may not have been a “nerd” in your school days and you may think you don’t need to read about them now. But this essay is much more than that. It will give you a perspective on the importance of education in life, the role that parents and institutions have in it.

A Perfect World

I have often wondered about a peculiar question : Is “ideal” necessarily “impractical” ?I know there is no such thing as the perfect world. And I am not aiming for one. But I sincerely believe that the world would be so much better a place if we aimed for the sky and not landed the stars, but didn’t fall on the ground either…

Book of Questions

I have a little book called the “Book of Questions”. It has nothing but questions in it ; No answers, just questions. Each question is meant to make you think about your life and your approach to it. One specific question from that book has done a lot to the way I look at life.