Bundle of Joy


In March of 2008, I got my first book published.  It’s a slender little book, all of 48 pages, priced at Rs. 100.

This book reproduced many of my blog posts on the subject of “fatherhood”, in a book-friendly format, tracing the journey of my experience as a parent, from my first child’s birth to the time she reached about three years of age.

It was never meant to be a commercial success… merely the means for me to leave behind a little something for my children.

In fact, for a long time, I deliberated on whether or not I should throw my life open to the public, through this book. Eventually, I decided that the joy of being a parent is something that deserves to be shared with others. And, that it would be selfish to keep it all within me.

As of May 2011, I am pleased to announce that Bundle of Joy is now available as a Kindle edition!  You can order your copy here:

I only hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and look forward to your comments and feedback.

Naveen Bachwani