Tidbits: Jan 2013

Old is Gold!

One day, Tiger came up to me out of nowhere and wanted to share his insight on old age. Here is what happened next…

Tiger: Papa, do you know I know when we turn old?!

Papa: Really? When?

Tiger: At 50, we turn old!

Papa: Really? And, what happens at 60?

Tiger: Hmmm… At 60, we turn cold.

Papa: Ok. And at 70?

Tiger: At 70, we turn into mold.

Papa: Ha! And at 80?

Tiger: Simple. At 80, we get sold!!!

Now, you know.

Tidbits: July 2012



It was the launch of The Dark Knight Rises, and superheroes were on everyone’s mind. Since Tiger is a big fan of several superheroes, I couldn’t help ask him about it…

Papa: Tiger, if you could be one superhero, who would you be: Superman, Spiderman or Batman?

Tiger: (after thinking for a second) Spiderman!

Tiger: (after another second), but with a Batmobile…

Tiger: (after another second), and with Superman’s cape.

What more could one want?


House vs Home

One evening, at dinner, Pumpkin (now, eight) was talking about a lesson in school that taught them about houses…

Pumpkin: Mama, can I tell you about houses?

Mama: Sure, you can.

Pumpkin: Houses have a roof, a door and windows. Houses keep us warm in the winter… etc. etc.

She was talking about the various properties of houses, and we figured that Tiger (now, four and a half) shouldn’t feel left out of the conversation. So, we involved him too.

Mama: Tiger, what do YOU think a house should have?

Tiger: (thinks for a second and then answers) Love.

Enough said, don’t you think?

Tidbits: June 2012



Just after dinner, as the family was hatching plans to order some ice cream, Tiger had a brainwave…

Tiger: Papa, do you know why ice cream is called “ice cream”?

Papa: Is that a trick question?

Tiger: No, papa. You really don’t know? I know.

Papa: Tell me, Tiger…

Tiger: Because it’s soooooo cold that when you have it, you scream. That’s why it’s called “i scream” !!!

Now, you know.

Tidbits: Apr 2012


Family Math

One morning at breakfast, the conversation revolved around the upcoming summer holidays for the kids. I was also excited that I would get four days off from work in the coming week, thanks to a couple of holidays combined with the weekend. Here’s what happened next…

Tiger: Papa, do you get summer vacation in office?

Papa: No, Tiger, we don’t get summer vacation in office.

Papa: But, I have 4 holidays coming up next week!

Tiger: (thinks for a moment and then replies) I have 60 holidays!!!

Papa: Ok, ok… you win.

Tiger: (again, thinks for a moment and then replies) You can have some from mine if you want.

Isn’t that just adorable?

Tidbits: Dec 2011


Problem Solved

One Sunday morning, I found myself talking to the kids about the concept of Extinct and Endangered animals. They had a book of the same topic, and wanted to know more about creatures like the woolly mammoth and the dodo. Here’s what happened next…

Papa: Endangered animals are those which are in danger of disappearing from our lives, because there are so few of them left. Like, tigers.

Papa: And, remember the movie – Ice Age? Like the Woolly Mammoth shown in that movie, many species of animals have already disappeared and can never be seen again. That’s what “extinct” means.

Pumpkin: But Papa, how come they disappeared?

Papa: Because the last one of them died, so there are no more of them left.

Pumpkin: But why didn’t he just marry someone ?!

Now, you know.

Dear Tiger @ Four

Dear Tiger,

Yesterday, you turned four!

It’s easy for all at home to think of you as the “baby”, especially since you are the youngest of us all, look so cute and are so adorable.  But, you are fast learning that almost-four-year-olds don’t bawl each time they don’t get their way.  And, you’ve been waiting for the BIG day when you actually turn four!

It’s been a hell of a year for all of us, and quite eventful for you as well.  This was the year when u graduated from your Little Stars playschool, to joining the “big school”.  We were worried that we may not be able to secure admission for you in Bombay Scottish, but we did.  So, each morning, you and your sister – Pumpkin – take the school bus to the same school (though you return earlier than she does).

Your favorite pasttime is “doing cozy cozy” with your mama, and there seems to be no end to the amount of love you want to shower on her!  It still amazes both of us that you show so much affection to any one, especially since you are a boy.  If this quality stays with you, your wife will be a very lucky woman, and you mother will have a very hard time letting you go…

You can’t stay still for long, and love to practice moves like the Karate Kid, Kung Fu Panda and Spiderman.  You chose a Batman cake for your 4th birthday, and I’m only glad to hear that Batman is one of your favorite superheroes – he’s my all-time favorite too.

Many of your friends from your playschool class seem to have joined you in your new school, and you now have a close knit set of friends, with a special soft spot for Amy.  You love irritating your elder sister and to chase her all around the house, and it’s a lot of fun to watch you two in action.  You can never have enough cars to play with, or building blocks.  For your birthday, we gave you some options and you finally chose a mechanical building-blocks set that you can use to make airplanes, cars, etc.  It was also time that you learned how to cycle, so we got you a shiny blue bicycle just a few weeks before your birthday.

This past year, you went through a bad patch of night terrors.  But, I’m proud to say that you braved through that period, and soon settled down to sleeping with your sister in the kids’ room.  You insist that we have small lights on in the kids’ room when you sleep, but that’s ok.

You may be surprised to learn that one of your favorite foods to eat is ladyfingers!  You love cheese and chocolates, but also have a penchant for spicy pickles.  And, your love for raw onions is unparalleled… Any time of night or day, you can eat all the onions you can get your hands on! By personality, you are more willing to try out new things, and also crazy about Coke/Pepsi and potato chips.

You are fortunate to have a technophile for a father.  Even though I choose my gadgets prudently, you have the benefit of having access to an iPod Touch, an Android smartphone and an iPad2 in the house – all at the tender age of four!  And, you spare no effort in putting it all to good use.

I’m curious to see how the next 12 months will turn out.  You are already beginning to exhibit signs of transforming from a playful child to a young man… I look forward to being with you through this transformation and introducing you to man-things, as the years go by.

I wish you the best that Life has to offer, and hope that you find your way through its maze, enjoying every step of the journey…


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Tidbits: August 2011



One morning, at breakfast, I was reading out a newspaper headline to my daughter, in an attempt to get her interested in the happenings around the world.  Unknown to me, my li’l son was also paying attention.  Here’s what happened next…

Papa: Pumpkin, see what this newspaper is writing about: “The world is getting fitter, and the city getting fatter!”

Pumpkin: What does that mean?

Papa: It means that people across the globe are getting healthier, while the people who live in Bombay are not getting enough exercise, and are getting fatter.

Tiger: No, papa.  That is not true.

Papa: Why is that, Tiger?

Tiger: We are in Bombay, right?  Bombay is on Earth, right?  And, the Earth is spinning, right?

Papa: Right!

Tiger: So, spinning is also exercise, no?  So, we’re all exercising!

Who would have thought?!

Tidbits: July 2011


Vacation Planning

One morning, at breakfast, I asked both the kids about what kind of a holiday they would want.  I was planning out some options for the Diwali vacation coming up in a few months, and thought that the children should have a say in it too.  Here’s what happened next…

Papa: So, tell me, if you had a choice about going anywhere for a holiday, what kind of place would you choose?  Would you like to go to the mountains, or near the ocean, or by a riverside or to a cool place or something else?

Pumpkin: Hmmm, I know!  I’d like to go to a palace that has a “chocolate land” built inside it!  There should be a fountain of chocolate right in the middle, and we can go and have as much chocolate as we want.

Tiger: I know, I know! I want to go to SuperHeroLand!!!

Papa: What’s that?

Tiger: It’s a place where Batman, Superman and Spiderman lives.  And, there are also lots of toys of Batman, Superman and Spiderman.  And, you can take a big bag with you, and bring back as many toys as you want of your favorite superheroes.  We can ask dadi (grandma) to give us a very big plastic bag!

Turns out they were old enough to know what they wanted, and had even planned out the logistics of it!  But, the game was far from over…

Papa: Hmmm.  Those are some very good ideas you have there, but what if we’re not able to find a SuperHeroLand or a chocolate-land in a palace to go to?

Pumpkin: We could just go to Goa!

Runs in the family, I guess…

Tidbits: April 2011


A holiday in Goa!

We were on our way back from a recent road-trip to Goa.  We’d been to Goa (with and without the kids) many times before, but this time was different since we went driving!  Despite all our apprehensions, the kids held up well throughout the to and fro journeys, and we all had a blast.  Just out of curiosity, on the way back, I asked the kids if they had a good time.  Here’s what happened next…

Papa: So, did you guys have a good time in Goa?

Pumpkin: Yes, papa.  We had a great time.  Goa has such nice road signs : Curve ahead, speedbreaker ahead, etc. instead of Bombay which only has Don’t Honk and Don’t Park!!!

Papa: What about you, Tiger?

Tiger: Yes, yes.  I also had fun.  Next time, when I grow up, will you bring my school friends and my garden friends and we’ll all come back to Goa?  Please?!

How could any one say no to that?


Fair and Square

We were just going to drop by my in-laws to pick up a packet, and I decided to take Tiger with me for the short drive, when this happened…

Tiger: Papa, can I please take my cars with me?

Papa: Ok, Tiger, but pick one. (After all, it was a 5-minute drive)

Tiger: Ok, papa, let’s make it fair and square – we’ll make it double!

Papa: How is it fair and square to “make it double” ?!

Tiger: Ok, then can I take three?

Papa: Tiger, the choice is between Zero and One.

Tiger: Ok, then I choose zero.

I assumed he was going to sulk for a bit, and that’s why he chose zero.  But I was to learn a new concept soon…

(After driving for a few minutes)

Tiger: Where’s my zero car, Papa?

Now, you know.

Tidbits: February 2011


Casting a Spell

A few weeks ago, Pumpkin turned 7.

I was curious to know what she thought about the most significant developments of the past year, so I went ahead and asked her…

Papa: Pumpkin, now that you’ve turned 7, what is the most important thing you remember about the months that went by?

Pumpkin: Hmmm… I think the most important thing was that a witch cast a spell on me and my best friend!

Papa: Really?!  How did that happen? (I almost fell off my chair when I heard that)

Pumpkin: Oh, Papa.  An evil witch cast a spell on both of us last year – that’s why we have to go to school every day!  Before that, we used to go to office instead of school.

Papa: Wow!  And, how will that spell ever end?

Pumpkin: Only when school ends forever.

Now, you know.