blog n. – Also called “weblog”;

A frequent, chronological, publication of personal thoughts and web links, often having the quality of being a “log of our times” from a particular point of view.

About BeingDad

I began blogging in March 2003.  However, what started off as a blog on “Life, Work, Technology and Fatherhood”, soon became a blog on “Fatherhood, Life, Work and Technology”…

Initially, the fatherhood posts were a means to write about my experiences as a newbie dad, and to record some of the interesting developments in the life of our first child – Pumpkin.  In October 2007, our second child – Tiger – was born.  And, I also ended up publishing a book from some of my posts on “fatherhood” entitled ‘Bundle of Joy‘.  The game was now afoot… It was time for a whole new blog!

Primarily, in recognition of the unique readership that my posts on parenting enjoyed, I thought it best to spawn-off an independent blog dedicated to my posts on fatherhood. BeingDad achieves just that purpose.  The goal was also to make it a bit easier for me to focus on continuing to contribute, in the wake of growing demands on my time from my two adorable children…

While, both, my book and this blog are now in the public domain and hosted on the World Wide Web, my writings on BeingDad are also my way of leaving my children some memories of their “wonder years”, so they can cherish these experiences for years to come.  I can only hope they come to enjoy reading these posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

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