Tidbits: Aug 2017

A Beautiful Mind

One morning, I was pitching in for the wife who was travelling on work, and the breakfast conversation was about how best to get the kids’ lunch boxes ready. I hadn’t quite processed what I had to, and was thinking aloud about what to do next…

Papa: So, we have one long break and one short break for each of you, plus a football class for one of you. This means we need more than the usual lunch boxes.

Tiger: And, I want noodles – two packets.

Papa: Ok, but that will mean two more lock boxes. Let me see if I can find them.

Tiger: It’s simple. Take this one for my short break, and that one plus the other one for my long break.

Papa: That’s a good solution, thanks.

Tiger: (with a mischievous smile) Reading leads to an analytic mind!

Who would’ve thought?!


Loss Leader

Tiger is now nearly 10 years old, and Pumpkin completed 13 earlier this year. So I thought it was a good time to get them introduced to some concepts that affect the world of business and economics. I picked up a copy of the Mint and took a word from there…

Papa: Shall we do a pop quiz on words you may or may not know?

Both: OK!

Papa: Do you know what “loss leader” means in the business context?

Both: Nope

Papa: If you were to take a guess, what would you think it means?

Tiger: The term used to describe when an important leader dies

Pumpkin: Someone who manages the business when it’s down

Who would’ve thought?!

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