Dead or Alive!

Dinner time is that time of the day when the Bachwani family gathers around the dining table for a good meal and conversation. Every once in a while, we try to ask interesting questions of each other, giving every one at the table a chance to respond.

Here’s what happened one fine evening…

I asked the family: “Which Indian personality would you like to meet in person, if there were no constraints whatsoever?” Once we had all the answers, I expanded the question to include foreign persons, folks that are no longer alive (Indian or foreign), and finally, any fictional character.

It was a fascinating exercise in discovering our respective lenses and (current) priorities. And, I’m sure it will make for a great conversation, some day, when these answers are long forgotten…

Tiger (all of 8 years old!)

Indian alive – Zakir Hussain (Tabla maestro)
Foreigner alive – Ludacris (Rapper)
Indian dead – Mahatma Gandhi
Foreigner dead – None
Fictional character – Hulk, but without the anger!

Pumpkin (12 years)

Indian alive – Hrithik Roshan (Filmstar)
Foreigner alive – Taylor Swift (Pop Diva)
Indian dead – Mahatma Gandhi
Foreigner dead – Albert Einstein
Fictional character – Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

The Mrs.

Indian alive – Farhan Akhtar (Filmstar)
Foreigner alive – Barack Obama
Indian dead – Jawaharlal Nehru
Foreigner dead – William Shakespeare
Fictional character – Richie Rich!


Indian alive – Raghuram Rajan (RBI Governor, Economist)
Foreigner alive – Chris Nolan (Hollywood Director)
Indian dead – Chanakya (Kingmaker, Strategist)
Foreigner dead – Richard Feynman (Nobel Laureate, Physicist)
Fictional character – Sherlock Holmes

There you have it.

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