Tidbits: June 2014

Team Work

One fine morning, Tiger came up to me wanting to know what our evening plan was. Here’s what happened next…

Tiger: Papa, what are we doing today evening?

Papa: Why? Why do you want to know?

Tiger: Because I have an appointment today.

Papa: Really? What kind of an appointment?!

Tiger: Today is the Beginner’s Festival, so I need to be with my team.

Papa: What’s that? Tell me more.

Tiger: The ‘Beginner’s Festival’ is a day of the month when newcomers can apply to join my team. It only happens once a month. And it was my idea!

Papa: How did you come up with this idea?!

Tiger: Papa, I am the commander of two teams… One in the the garden and one in the building. You know, like the judge is the same on Britain’s got Talent and The Voice. I am like that!

Now, you know!


Another incident happened when, one weekend, we decided to take the kids out for a spontaneous drive. We got into the car, and I asked every one where they would like to go. Mama suggested we head to the pastry shop at the Renaissance (a five star hotel nearby).

Almost on cue, Tiger started singing: “Mama’s thinking pri-cey!”


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