Tidbits: Apr 2014

Art of Story Telling

One lazy Sunday afternoon, out of the blue, I found Tiger (now a little over six years old), writing in his book even after his study time was over. When I asked him what he was upto, he answered that he was writing a story! This is how it went…

One day Motu found some ladoos in the fridge.

Mama I want ladoos said Motu.

Not now. First have lunch said his mother.

How cool is that?! 


Growing Up

Off late, it seemed like Pumpkin (now a little over ten) was growing faster than ever, and looking taller too. So I decided to talk to her about it. Here's what happened next.

Papa: Pumpkin, you're growing too fast. Why don't you slow down a bit?

Pumpkin: What do you mean, papa? 

Papa: I mean that you should slow down a little and not grow up so fast.

Pumpkin: No, papa. I will not slow down. I will grow as fast as my birthdays come each year.

Now, you know!


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