Tidbits: Dec 2013

Art imitating Life

Today's newspaper carried a story of a painting by Gaitonde selling at an auction for more than Rs. 23 crores (i.e. 230 Mn). I thought I'd use the opportunity to teach my kids a little about the Art world. Here's what happened next…

Papa: Did you see that? A painting by an artist called Gaitonde has been sold for more than 23 crores?!

Pumpkin: Show me, show me. What? That painting?! It doesn't look all that special.

Tiger: Show me, show me. How much is a crore?

The next few minutes were spent explaining how an auction broadly works and how much is a crore.

Tiger: How can anyone have that much money?

Tiger: The man who bought it must have had to take from his wife and his kids' piggy banks also!

Now, you know.


The Big Race

Earlier this month, both the kids had their Annual Sports Day. While Pumpkin was participating in the march past, Tiger was all excited about his race. When the time came for his event, the wife and I were ready and waiting – me with the camera trying to capture the race in all its video glory.

For the life of us, both me and the mrs. kept a sharp lookout to spot Tiger in all that mayhem, and could not find him at all. At the end of the race we discovered that he actually won the first prize in that race!

When it was all over, he hurried up to us and excitedly asked us if we saw him. We both confessed that we tried really hard, but just could not spot him in the race and were actually worried if he had fallen ill or had hurt himself.

With a mischievous gleam in his eye, he said: That's because I ran so fast you couldn't even see me!

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